Dog Friendly Beaches in Half Moon Bay

What a shame would it be leave your lovely pet dog that deserves fresh ocean air at home, just because you want to enjoy a day at the beach either surfing or hiking ? California coastline got you and your dog covered. Check out the dog friendly beaches in Half moon bay to take your little one today and enjoy a gorgeous summer day in California.

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Dog friendly beaches half moon bay

Dog Friendly Beaches in Half Moon Bay

Alright, when I say Half moon bay, I am also including near by beaches in the area. What is an extra few miles of drive if you are already in the area.

However, I will break it down by city proximity for better planning.

Half Moon Bay Dog Beach (Within Half Moon Bay zipcode)

Blufftop at Poplar Beach, Half Moon Bay

You can walk along the bluffs to take in the stunning views of the Half moon bay coastline trail without getting in to the sand or getting your feet wet from the beach water. However, beach access is also a great option for your dog to run around and play. The access to beach is considered steep and slippery. So, watch your steps.

If you see a lot of horse poo, you know why. Half moon bay is after all popular for horseback riding. 

How to get to Blufftop Beach Half Moon Bay ?

From the parking lot at Poplar Beach you can make a right towards the North in the direction of Ritz Carlton. Street parking is free. But if you want to park at Blufftop coastal park, there is a fee.

Don’t these beaches look tempting ? Do you want to know the answer to the question Can you swim at Half Moon Bay ? 

Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail – Poplar Beach Access

Start the walk along the stunning Half Moon Bay coastside trail from Miramar Beach and enter Poplar beach after a good 3 miles of walk. Or for a shorter 1 mile walk, start at Half Moon Bay State Beach to Poplar beach. And take your buddy Fido with you for a great breezy walk.

Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail – South Access

Park your car at Miramontes Point Rd at Half Moon Bay and walk along the Coastside trail to reach the Blufftop beach of the Poplar beach area. This is approximately 4 miles one way. Half Moon Bay coastside trail continues further north to Miramar Beach. The entire Half Moon Bay coastside is a total of ~ 6 miles along the coastline.

Dog friendly beaches half moon bay

Pillar Point Harbor – West Shoreline Access

As I have mentioned in Mavericks Cliffs Trail park your at Tide pool parking lot to access to get to Pillar Point Harbor – West Shoreline Access for a small beach that is perfectly dog friendly.

Mavericks Beach and Mavericks Cliffs Trail

Home to the popular annual winter surfing event at Mavericks is also a on-leash dog friendly beach. If you are in the area, among other half moon bay hikes, certainly hike my favorite, the Mavericks Cliffs Trail to get a ever more stunning view of the amazingly huge waves.

Read my article on Mavericks Cliffs Trail for details on how to get there and where to park your car.

Surfers Beach

Just off of the Hwy, the surfers beach at Half Moon is a dog friendly beach. However, it’s right off of the highway. So, watch your dog carefully from running out to the highway and keep him/her on leash.

Dog friendly beaches half moon bay

South of Half Moon Bay

Bean Hollow State Beach

Just a quick 20 minute drive down south of Half Moon Bay, is the Bean Hollow state beach, where leashed dogs are allowed.

Things to do at Beach Hollow State Beach:

  • Fishing – License is required
  • Walking trails
  • Boating, windsurfing/surfing and kayaking/canoeing
  • Swimming is dangerous as the water is cold and currents are strong

How to get to Bean Hollow state beach ?

Address: 11000 Cabrillo Hwy, Pescadero, CA 94060

North of Half Moon Bay

Montara State Beach

Located on Hwy 1 just a 10 minutes north of Half Moon bay in Montara, CA, this state beach is another great popular beach for families with dogs. Filled with beach tide pools, take your kids and dog with you to cool off on a hot summer day as they play at the tide pools.

Parking: Second street, Montara, CA

Pacifica Dog Beach

Esplanade Beach in Pacifica CA

20 minutes north of Half moon bay, is the Esplanade Beach in Pacifica, CA. With fast eroding bluffs with multiple access points to the beach, the northern section of the Esplanade beach is also know as the Esplanade Dog beach. This beach is in front of the Lands End Apartment complex. And you can find parking along the streets of Esplanade Avenue.

Pacifica State Beach/Linda Mar

Have you ever wanted to take a surfing lesson in bay area ? You are at the right place at Pacifica state beach where several outfitters offer beginner surfing lessons. I dearly remember taking a class in this cold water through a groupon deal I got.

As long as you fido is on the leash he / she is fine to enjoy the Pacifica state beach, a 30 minute north of Half moon bay.

Dog friendly beaches half moon bay

Rockaway Point Trail to Rockaway State Beach

~30 mins north of Half moon bay, Rockaway Point Trail at Pacifica is a great short trail to hike with the dog. And dogs are leash are allowed at the Rockaway State Beach. You can park at the Pacifica State Beach and walk to Rockaway State Beach. Or If you are looking for a longer workout, consider Sweeney Ridge to Mori Point.

Another option is to park the car directly at Rockaway state beach for direct beach access.

Or Park near Mori point to for a great view of the ocean and hike down to Rockaway state beach. Oh, don’t forget to stop for wild flower spotting in the spring.

Sharp Park Beach

30 minutes north of Half Moon bay, the Sharp Park Beach is a very popular dog friendly beach. On Highway 1 to Pacifica, at the  Paloma Avenue/Francisco Boulevard exit, take Paloma west to Beach Boulevard, turn left and head south to the pier.

The beach has picnic tables, rest room access. Go at sunset time to watch a platoon of brown pelicans fly back to settle for the night at Mori Rock.

Another fun activity to do with your fido is to go Kayaking in Half Moon Bay.

After all the fun activities in the area, how about you visit Half Moon Bay downtown for an easy stroll with your dog and grab a bite or ice cream ?

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Dog friendly beaches half moon bay