Guide to Horseback Riding in Half Moon Bay

As a Bay Area resident or as a tourist visiting San Francisco, one of the top activities I recommend as a local who loves exploring the Half moon bay costaline is to give yourself the joy of horseback riding Half moon bay.

Horseback riding in Half moon bay is indeed such a great family friendly activity where you can take put kids and seniors on the horse and make a great day out of it.

As you are riding the horse along the ocean view of Half Moon Bay trails, you might be wondering, Can you swim at Half Moon Bay ? The answer is Yes and No. We are dealing with high surf and strong currents here. I wouldn’t bother going for swim after all.

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Half Moon Bay Horseback riding

Horseback Riding Half Moon Bay

There are several outfitters that provide the horseback riding in Half moon bay. Here are the details on who they are, how much they charge and what to expect in terms of their service.

Sea Horse Ranch

Where is Sea Horse Ranch ?

1828 Cabrillo Hwy N, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


Sea Horse Ranch is open seven days a week from 8am to 4pm.

Where does Sea Horse Ranch ride ?

  • Coastal Equestrian Trail
  • Poplar Beach

Sea Horse Ranch offers a combination of staying on the half moon bay coastal trail only horseback ride as well as starting on the half moon bay coastal trail, spending time on Poplar beach to ride along the ocean waves.

How much does Sea Horse Ranch horseback ride cost ?

  • 1 hour Trail only for $70
  • 1.5 hours trail and beach for $80
  • 2 hours trail and beach for $90

Sea Horse Ranch Specials and coupons

They do run early bird specials and Tuesday/Thursday specials that cost less than the regular rides and costs mentioned above.

They also provide group booking and discounts for large committed groups.

What is the minimum age requirement to ride at Sea Horse Ranch ?

7 years is the minimum age requirement.

Where is Bay Area Ridge Riders ?

12670 Skyline BoulevardWoodside, CA 94062

tel: +16502962236


Where does Bay Area Ridge Riders ?

  • Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve
  • Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve and surrounding preserves; Monte Bello, Long Ridge, and Russian Ridge Open Space Preserves
  • Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve
  • ​Calero County Park
  • Wunderlich County Park with lunch at Alice’s Restaurant
  • Ridges’ Grand Loop through five Open Space Preserves, starts at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve
  • Point-to-point Lexington reservoir to Almaden Quicksilver County Park
  • Pescadero Creek County Park
  • And Half Moon Bay beach

How much does Bay Area Ridge Riders horseback ride cost ?

Depending the location and ride duration they range from $180 to $360. However, their rides do include a picnic lunch or a restaurant lunch most of the times.

Bay Area Ridge Riders Specials and coupons

I have seen a few coupons in the past. Watch this space for special prices.

What is the minimum age requirement to ride at Bay Area Ridge Riders ?

Bay Area ridge riders offer some basic courses. But mostly catered towards adventure riders who are fit and can follow instructions. They do have a higher age limit for kids at 15 years are older.

 Horseback riding Half Moon Bay

Lazy H Ranch

Where is Lazy H Ranch ?

3100 Miramontes Point Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

phone:(650) 726-3743

Where does Lazy H Ranch ride ?

This is more of a school that teaches you how to ride rather than recreational rides that take you through the beaches for one hour.

The most popular program here is the kids summer camps with boarding option that run for one week and they take kids from the age of  5 years.

They also offer one on one individual lessons for older kids and adults and advanced riders.

Lemos Farm

Where is Lemos Farm ?

12320 San Mateo Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Phone: (650) 726-2342

Where does Lemos Farm ride ?

This is a ranch ride within their farm. The rides are catered towards kids. Pony rides are one of the popular activities in the farm that kids enjoy the most.

The farm also offers party areas to arrange birthday parties for kids.

How much does Lemos Farm ride cost ?

Entrance fee includes the pony ride. Usually around $20.

Kids under 14 months old are allowed without any entry fee for free.

Lemos Farm Specials and coupons

I have seen groupon specials on Lemos farm from time to time. If you do plan to go, just do a quick search to see if you can avail a groupon.

What is the minimum age requirement to ride at Lemos Farm ?

Kids of all age are allowed inside the farm. For the pony ride, the kid has to be able to sit up and enjoy.

Square Peg Ranch

Where is Square Peg Ranch ?

PMB 402, 80 Cabrillo Hwy N suite q, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Phone: (650) 440-5064

Where doesSquare Peg Ranch ride ?

This place deserves a special mention for the fact that they cater to the needs of children with special needs. Irrespective of the needs of the child, Autism, Usher syndrome, Duvet syndrome, anxiety, anger, ADHD, Square peg ranch taps to their adventure senses.

How much doesSquare Peg Ranch horseback ride cost ?

The program and lessons costs vary. You have to contact them to find out this information.

Half Moon Bay Horseback riding

Maloney’s Horses and Ponies

Where is Maloney’s Horses and Ponies ?

1820 Cabrillo Hwy N, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Phone: (650) 440-5434

Where does Maloney’s Horses and Ponies ride ?

They don’t ride to the beach. However, depending on the ride distance and duration you might ride along the half moon bay coastline.

Maloney’s Horses and Ponies Specials and coupons

They do run groupons regularly. Check before booking.

Moss Beach Ranch

Only a 7 miles north of Half Moon bay, there are couple of well rated ranches if the Half Moon bay horseback riding options listed above don’t fit your needs.

Where is Moss Beach Ranch ?

1862 Etheldore St, Moss Beach, CA 94038

Phone: (650) 728-0700

Where does Moss Beach Ranch ride ?

Breathtaking riding along the coastal trails through Rancho Corral de Tierra in San Mateo. You will be sharing the trail with other 4-legged pets at these trails, as these are also dog friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay area.

How much does Moss Beach Ranch horseback ride cost ?

Anywhere from $60 to $100 depending on the ride duration.

Another interesting fact to note here is that if you are an advanced rider, you can lease the horse from Moss Beach Ranch for full day / week etc.,

They also have summer camps for kids as well as private lessons for adults along with boarding options.

Moss Beach Ranch Specials and coupons

Watch for groupons here:

What is the minimum age requirement to ride at Moss Beach Ranch ?

For summer camps and rides, the kid’s minimum age requirement at Moss Beach Ranch is 6.

Sun Valley Equestrian llc

Where is Sun Valley Equestrian?

6090 CA-1, Montara, CA 94037

Phone: (415) 793-1604

Where does Sun Valley Equestrian ride ?

This is an equestrian school that offers summer camps and adult lessons. So, most of the rides are within the ranch itself.

Half moon bay horseback riding is absolutely a gorgeous way to spend a half day riding around. If you are already in the area, might as well hike the Mavericks Cliffs TrailsSweeney Ridge to Mori Point or Mori Point to Rockaway Beach to admire the stunningly large waves that world class surfers take on. There are several other Half Moon Bay hikes worth considering as well.

Or if you are looking for water activities to do, you can go Kayaking in Half Moon Bay as well. Oh, don’t forget to bring your friendly fido for a stroll in the beach. There are several Dog Friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay for you and your friend.

After all the fun filled and active day, hit the Main Street of Half Moon Bay downtown to fill up your stomach with hearty treats.

Horseback riding and Beach Camping at Half Moon Bay

Have your own horse ? Want to ride and camp that night and ride again ? Here are your options:

Ride along the Half moon bay coastal horse trail from Roosevelt Beach to Francis Beach at Half Moon Bay State Beach. You have a variety of campsites that can accommodate horse riders and RVs. However, believe me, you better have booked them ages ago.

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Horse riding Half moon bay