How to Hike Mavericks Cliffs Trail – Half Moon Bay, CA

Just an hour drive from south bay, Mavericks Cliffs Trail at Half Moon Bay is an easy hike along the cliffs overlooking the world famous Mavericks surfing and stunning half moon bay coastline view.


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Mavericks Cliffs Trail & Pier

California weather is one to take advantage of when it comes to outdoor activities. Any time of the year, rain or shine, hitting the Half Moon Bay hikes are one of the best options in the bay area if you need a fresh ocean air to make you feel alive. One such short yet beautiful hikes is Mavericks Cliff Trail that can be extended to the Pier to get extra mileage.

Mavericks Cliffs Trail Directions & Parking:

I started the walk at Tide Pool Parking lot (Google Map Link) and the trail starts just across the parking lot through a gate that leads to the cliff.

It might be bit tricky to find parking on a warm day or during weekends.

Alternate Route is to park at the Pillar Point Bluff Parking Lot. 


Mavericks Cliffs Trail Hill Climb

From the parking lot, the hike starts off with a bit of a steep hill climb. Once you get through that section, which might seem hard on a hot sunny day, I guarantee you that the rest of the hikes is pretty flat and easy. This hill climb is well worth the effort.

Length of Mavericks Cliffs Trail

From the parking lot to the Mavericks Beach is 0.5 miles. And after you are done with beach, if you want to walk around the cliff, there is more than 4 miles worth of criss cross trails. So, the choice is length is actually up to you. You can walk as far and as much as you want.

Mavericks Cliffs Trail map

Hiking from Tide Pools Parking Lot:

Hiking from Pillar Point Bluff Parking Lot:

Mavericks Cliffs Trail Description

When I hiking Mavericks Cliffs Trail, it was a foggy afternoon yet sunny in some parts. I didn’t follow any specific path, rather I wandered around along the route as long as the trail led me to and just enjoyed the mavericks cliff trail coastside trail.


It was late February and the wildflowers in California had started blooming. So, if you get a chance do go in the Spring time. California coastline get a yellow flower coating in the sprint.

Oh, Mavericks Cliff Trail is one of the great dog friendly trails in the area.


It’s also a great trail for an easy mountain biking among the wildflowers. There are quiet a few warning signs along the cliff to avoid mud slide, do keep away from those sections for your own safety.


Mavericks cliff trail also makes for an great picnic spot for families with kids. I had my lunch overlooking the ocean with mild breeze. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Don’t be surprised if you run into horseback riders on the way, after all horseback riding in Half Moon Bay is a popular activity.

The entire trail is open with no shades. So, do take plenty of water on a hot day.

Did you wonder if you can take your dog on a hike along Half Moon Coastside trails and the beaches that allow dogs in Half Moon Bay area ? Check out my article on Dog friendly beachs in Half Moon Bay. 

Now that you have explored the Mavericks Cliffs trail and been blown away by the coastline, can I tempt you with a hike from Sweeney Ridge to Mori Point, only a 30 mins away from where you will be ? Well, there are several options for oceanview Half Moon Bay hikes and trails in the area for everyone’s physical needs.

Ocean Kayaking in Half Moon Bay is another popular activity to do as you are looking to spend more time in the bay. After exploring and admiring the ocean view, head to Main Street of Half Moon Bay downtown to grab a bite or cup of coffee or Gelato.