Grand Teton National Park, WY

Colter Bay campsite area is pretty fancy. There is a huge grocery store, warm shower, WIFI connection and a 24 hours laundry self-service. First day, we did the Hermitage Point 12-mile loop that took us through forest into a wide open vista point of Grand Tetons range. Showering, doing laundry and WIFI were in order …

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Tak Bat Luang Prabang – Silence is the Code

Tak bat luang prabang

Luang Prabang, Laos at 5:30AM – Locals and curious tourists gather on the streets. It’s Tak Bat in Luang Prabang. Fellow tourists read about it online and line up there with camera. After all, you haven’t experienced the core of the Laos and Luang Prabang culture if you haven’t witness this scene. Tak Bat Luang …

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Slice of Heaven – Iceland

Reykjavik: Icelandic Air flies non-stop from Boston to Keflavik. If you plan on renting a car from the airport, make sure the pick up location is Keflavik airport, not Reykjavik airport. Stay : BB 44 guesthouse is about 35 mins drive from the airport in a town called Kopavugar. Great hospitality. Highlights: Past mid-night sunset and view …

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Frenetic City of Holiness – Siem Reap !!

Siem Reap 4 Nights 3 Days

It was deep into the month of December. Siem Reap was still screeching hot and humid !! A backpackers’ paradise, the city offers One dollar accommodations and fifty-cent beers to cool off. If you want to enjoy these luxuries, stay at Garden Village Guesthouse. You will never be alone at this hostel, just like every other backpacker …

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“Could you be loved” in Jamaica ?!

I’m not in the resort section of Montego Bay. I am staying at a $25/night hostel on the main road that leads to downtown. Living like a local, unlike resorts, there are no concierge service, no pre-planned tours, no breakfast served and no Internet connection too. I prefer to travel like this as this forces …

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Best Bangkok Itinerary 4 Days to Visit the Most

Fly into Bangkok and get visa on arrival. For Indian passport holders, they give 30-day stay on arrival. The line gets long, but the process is fairly straight forward. Only thing to keep in mind is, at the Bangkok airport, the money exchangers don’t take Indian Rupees for Baht. So, I used the US dollars …

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