I am on H1B visa or EAD and is it safe to travel so much ?!


Yes, it is safe !!!

– If you are in US legally and have a legitimate job, walk through the immigration confidently.

– Just be really honest with the immigration officer about your vacation. Yes, your vacation doesn’t always have to be going to India only.

– Even if the international travels are back to back and you exit/enter the country within the month, you are safe.

– Always carry your Visa approval notice with you in a zip lock bag and don’t check it in.

I have been asked by many officers on how come I travel alone ? And why do I backpack ? What happens if something happens while alone etc., Majority of the times, these questions have been out of curiosity and an awe at the fact.

Don’t let not having green card stop you from traveling internationally.

Did you know you can travel without visa to more than 50 countries with Indian passport ? Check out the link below.