Douro Valley – Sweetness of Port wine in the air !!

After a day in Lisbon, we rented a car (give yourself a few hours to rent the car. They work at a slightly slower pace), and headed north.

If you are renting a car in Portugal, take the toll pass with the rental car company. It’s a nightmare to pay manually and there are tons of tolls in the country. We paid a total of $126 on just toll charges for the entire trip.

Douro valley is known for the wineries along douro river and this is where the popular Port wine comes from.

For such a popularity among the wine drinkers, this valley is surprisingly very laid back. Though there are of tours/ wine tasting / river cruises offered, the valley still maintains a non-touristy looks.

From Porto, the second largest city in the country, one can take the train that runs through the valley’s scenic route. Certainly a very relaxed way to enjoy the scenery and the alcohol.

Unfortunately wine doesn’t excite us 🙂 We went there for the scenery, instead.

If you are driving, the 30KM stretch between Peso de Regua to Pinhao is considered the most scenic and I totally agree with that statement.

On a rainy spring evening, the drive was filled with lush greens, and spring flowers with no other tourist at the vicinity.

Driving in Portugal is bit like driving in India. People don’t mind passing you or tailing to make you realize that you are too slow for them. And random stops are not minded at all. We felt very comfortable stopping along the single lane road, N222, to appreciate the river view.

If wine tasting is your thing, go during in the Summer/Fall season when the wineries are bustling with such activities.

Douro valley – a must do day-trip if you are in Portugal.

Next off we are headed to Peneda Geres National Park.