11 Gorgeous Options for Camping at Peneda Geres National Park

Peneda Geres National Park in Portugal is the only National Park in the entire country. If you happen to be in Portugal, especially Douro Valley or Porto, I highly recommend adding a couple of extra days to enjoy camping and hiking in Peneda Geres National Park.

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As we wrapped up the road trip to Douro Valley, it was time to find the home for the night, which was supposed to be set in the village of Vilar right outside the National Park.

We were using “Here WeGo” offline map to navigate through the roads in Portugal. When you are online, make sure to look up the route to the destination(s) and that saves the route in the memory and available offline for use.

So, we started driving and went past the city of Porta, completely ignoring it, through mountains and was welcomed with a beautiful snow shower that had painted the mountains far away in white.

As we approached the villages near the National park, it was getting darker. Village houses set in the mountains looked really pretty in the evening light. But there were literally no human being to be seen.

Right at the entrance of National Park, we rented a cute stone house on AirBnB, in the village of Vilar for that night. All I wanted was a warm bed for the 5-month old infant we were carrying around with us. No map will show you this village or the house on the map, it was as remote as it can get in Portugal. But, absolutely a lovely stay. We knew there is no way we can get any food in Vilar, so we planned ahead and got some food from grocery store on the way for that night.

Where to Camp at Peneda Geres National Park ?

Peneda Geres camping options are plenty. Depending on which side of the park you are at, there are several campsites to pick from. And camping is one of the least expensive ways to enjoy the park. We are talking about 4-5 Euros a night per person for the campsites.

Camping Near Terras de Bouro, Portugal:


Located on the river banks of River Cabril, Geres Green Park is an excellent campground that covers excellent hiking trails that are just off of the campsite and some stunning Peneda Geres waterfalls. Terras de Bouro municipality has the most number of campsites in the national park. The campsites I picked are either inside or at the perimeter of the Peneda Geres National park.

Geres Green Park highlights:

  • Pedra d’água
  • Cascade Pincães
  • Fojo dos lobos geres

How to book campsite at Geres Green Park ?

You have to email them at geresgreenpark@gmail.com or call at + 351 917 007 831

How to reach Geres Green Park ?

GPS coordinates: 41°42’29.6″N 8°02’29.6″W

Amenities at Geres Green Park worth noting:

  • 48 tents and 3 caravans sites
  • Barbecue area
  • Pub
  • Bus station at 6 kms (Ruivães)
  • Grills at the campground
  • Laundry
  • Dishwasher
  • Living room access
  • Snack bar
  • power outlets for caravans (RVs) and tents
  • Hot Shower
  • Pets Not Allowed

Ermida Geres Camping

One of the popular campsites in the area that offers real glamping type of camping in Peneda Geres nationalpark. You don’t have to carry any camping equipment with you to Ermida geres camping because they provide everything. The tents are pitched with table and chairs inside them. They call them VIP camping. You can take your own sleeping bag, however you can rent the sleeping bag with Ermida Geres.

Ermida Geres Highlights:

  • Organized hikes
  • Jeep Tours
  • Canoe trips
  • Close to the Thermal Springs

How to book the campsite at Ermida Geres Camping?

Ermida Geres does have online campsite reservation. 

However, you can email them or call them if you have any further questions: or (00351) 96 984 66 86 – (00351) 96 922 19 90

How to reach Ermida Geres ?

Located only 10KM from geres village. Park coordinates: 41.7015936,-8.1301924

Amenities at Ermida Geres:

  • Bathroom facilities with hot water
  • Internet point
  • Campervan camping
  • Bar
  • Organized Excursions
  • Barbecue grills

Vale dos moinhos

Only 1.5 miles away from the town of Geres, Vale dos Moinhos is pretty good choice to retire for the night at the comfort of your own sleeping bag or in one of the inexpensive rooms they offer. 

Vale dos Moinhos is at the footsteps of Geres river to cool off on a hot summer day. Lake Barragem da Albufeira is just a walking distance away from the campground.

Vale dos Moinhos Highlights:

  • Close proximity to several waterfalls
  • Access to Geres river and lake Barragem da Albufeira
  • 1.6 miles from Geres Thermal Spa

How to book campsite at Vale dos Moinhos ?

You can reach out to the owners through the website to inquire about the campsites. Or call them at +351-253-391-582

However, booking.com also has the property listed for rooms that you can book ahead of time and be at peace that you will have a room to stay for the night.

How to reach Vale dos Moinhos ?

You can directly enter the address in google maps. I was able to look up the address without the coordinates.

Address: Lugar de Pereiró, 78 Vilar da Veiga, 4845-073 Braga, Portugal

Amenities at Vale dos Moinhos:

  • Hot shower
  • BBQ
  • Bar
  • Wifi Access
  • Free private parking
  • Kids play area

Geres camping

Ponte Saltos camping

Ponte Saltos camping is a park located deep inside the Peneda Geres National Park at the banks of Cavado River. In the summer the places comes live with nature lovers enjoying the outdoor.

Ponte Saltos camping Highlights:

  • River Access
  • Guided Expeditions
  • Access to nearby hiking trails and waterfalls

How to book campsite at Ponte Saltos camping ?

At the time of writing this article there is no online reservation at this campsite. However, you can email them or call them.


Mobile Phone

962 370 998

962 701 308

Land line Telephone

253 392 110

How to reach Ponte Saltos camping ?

Ponte Saltos camping is really straight forward to reach. Unlike certain places in the Peneda Geres National Park that don’t even show up on the Google maps, Ponte Saltos camping is an easy find.

Parque de Campismo Ponte Saltos Lugar de Pereiró nº 255 4845-076 Gerês

Amenities at Ponte Saltos camping:

  • Barbecue grill
  • Direct access to Canicada Dam
  • Organized Tours
  • Hot Shower
  • Mini Market
  • Bar
  • Electric Bike Rental

Divertrilhos – Turismo, Lda

This camping and caravan park is located very close to Ponte Saltos camping. From research, I can barely find any information about this campground. But, it is certainly a legitimate campground worth considering.

Here are the contact information to find out more about the campground.

Phone: +351 962 370 998

Pichoses Camping

Another campsite outside the national park, but right next to lake Caniçada with access to river beaches, is Pichoses camping.

Pichoses camping Highlights:

  • River beach Access

How to book campsite at Pichoses camping ?

You have to email them or call them to book in advance during the peak seasons.

TEL: + 351-968-693-339   

EMAIL: pichoses.camping@gmail.com

How to reach Pichoses camping ?

Here is the address with google map link for driving directions.

Rua das Escolas, N.º 72, 4845-024 Rio Caldo

Amenities at Pichoses camping:

  • Wifi
  • Power outlets for RVs
  • Hot showers
  • Flush toilets
  • On premise parking lot


Geres camping

Camping Vidoeiro

Located deep inside the national park, camping vidoeiro can accommodate any type of travelers from luxury glampers, cabin lovers, hostel dorm-room style travelers as well as tent campers all at an affordable rate.

Camping Vidoeiro Highlights :

  • Can host large groups with the capacity of 400 people
  • Variety of stay options
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Canyoning
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking trails from the campsite itself

How to book campsite at Camping Vidoeiro ?

At the time of writing this article (June 2019), I don’t see online reservation for Camping Vidoeiro. Here are their contact details.


Phone: 4845-081 GERÊS

How to reach Camping Vidoeiro ?

GPS co-ordiantes:  41º 44′ 15.25” N 8º 09′ 30.50” W

Amenities at Camping Vidoeiro:

  • Snack bar
  • BBQ grills
  • Hot shower
  • Flush toilets
  • Mini Market
  • Wifi

Geres camping

Parque Cerdeira

In the heart of the national park, Parque Cerdeira is well known in the area for its varied accommodations including camping and Tree tents. A tarp tied to the trees to give a roof over your head. You get to sleep under the tarp in your sleeping bag (or rented from Parque Cerdeira). A classic experience worth considering in the park.

Parque Cerdeira Highlights :

  • Bungalow to Tree tent accommodation options
  • Swimming pool at the facitility
  • Several organized tours and adenvtures
  • Accessibility for reduced mobility
  • Kids adventure park
  • Orienteering courses

How to book campsite at Parque Cerdeira ?

They do have online reservation in their website. Checkout the link for booking campsite.

How to reach Parque Cerdeira?

Maps of the location.

Amenities at Parque Cerdeira:

  • Store
  • BBQ
  • Restaurant
  • Hot Showers
  • Wifi
  • Swimming Pool

Lima Escape – Empreendimentos Turísticos

Located at the river lima peninsula, Lima Escape offers tons of options for all types of accommodations. Their popular Glamping is worth checking out.

Lima Escape Highlights :

  • Scouts programs
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking trails at Peneda-Gerês National Park
  • Horse rides
  • Paintball
  • Several games and group activities
  • On premise restaurant
  • Wine Tasting
  • Organized water, land and adventure sports
  • Pet Friendly

How to book campsite at Lima Escape ?

One of the easiest booking system in the park through their website.

How to reach campsite at Lima Escape ?

Easy to reach by car at the address of Lima Escape – Empreendimentos Turísticos Lugar de Igreja, P/C of entre Ambos-os-Rios, 4980-312 Pte. da Barca 

Amenities at

  • Reception and tourist information point with presentation of local activities
  • Grocery store
  • “Adega do Artur” bar and restaurant
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Mail service
  • Public telephone
  • Covered barbeques of common use
  • Garden areas
  • Hot or cold showers
  • Outdoor sports area
  • Playground
  • Parking

Geres camping

Campsites in the northern part of the park

Camping Lamas de Mouro

Only campsite located at the northern end of Peneda Geres national park is camping Lamas de Mouro. This part of the park is know for rivers, waterfalls and canyoning trips.

Camping Lamas de Mouro Highlights :

  • Canyoning trips
  • Near by restaurants
  • Plenty of campsites

How to book campsite at Camping Lamas de Mouro ?

Email or phone them to get your campsite reserved.

(+351) 251 466 041

How to reach campsite at Camping Lamas de Mouro ?

Map with address.

Amenities at Camping Lamas de Mouro

  • Free parking
  • Hot showers
  • Wifi
  • Restaurant access


If you are staying at one of these campsites discussed in this article, you can clearly organize your waterfall hiking or adventure activities with them. However, if you are just doing a day trip or part of a large group, I have a few tour recommendations for you.

If you ever visit, which you should, a trip up to Peneda-Geres National Park, is a must do !