Lisbon in a day. Pickpocket attempt and sore legs !

In no time, we hit the streets of Lisbon equipped with “Here We Go” gps app, and a tentative plan in mind to see the highlights.

We just had given a day to the city before driving to the country side in search of nature. And it is more than enough in my opinion.

First impression of Portugal – It felt more like South America than Western Europe. Red roof is the theme pretty much everywhere in the country.

As you can see from this picture, the Castelo São Jorge is pretty hard to miss if you are in Lisbon, even for just one day. To learn more about how to explore the Castle, check out this really detailed blog post by Jill. 

I had read about pickpocket while researching the trip, but never took it serious until it happened to us. We got lucky. We realized what was happening and moved out of the scene quickly, when two guys approached us saying they want to practice English and talked about how many Indian friends they have etc., They did end up opening the top pouch of the backpack, but nothing was taken.

To avoid such issues, check out some Best antitheft backpack options.

Entire country is lot of hilly roads, except for the highways. If you thought Lombard street driving was scary, driving experience in Portugal will take you to a new level.

Alfama district is the popular destination among tourists for all the good reasons – restaurants with live fado music, sea food abundance, overlook to the bay etc.,

If walking is not your thing, try to catch the popular tram 28 to go around the city.

Wrap up the watching sunset over Alfama red roofs and the water.

Here is our walking tour itinerary:

Late March / Early April is still cold, windy and rainy. So, be prepared for a drizzle or two if you choose this time. One good thing is, there are barely any tourists yet.