Zion National Park, UT

After the 25-mile Grand Canyon Rim-Rim hike, we stayed at Grand Canyon Motel @ Fredonia again. Next day morning, we drove to Zion National Park. This is my second trip to the park. First time we went there, we did the angels landing hike in 2013. Since we only spent a day last time, I was thrilled to return to the park.


This time, we decided to start at the visitor center and catch the bus for all the stops recommended. The bus drops/picks people at designated spots.


The entire loop can be done in one day. But if you want to go for long hikes such as Angels Landings, the hike itself might take a good chunk of the day.


So, we stopped everywhere except Angels landing and did the short hikes/walks for the waterfall and view points.


And one can easily spend the whole day just doing the designated sight seeing spots.


One day I hope to return to do the famous Zion narrows hike and may be one of the Zion running races, because the park is so beautiful besides the fact that it obviously gets super hot.