Studio – Water is the theme !

Chennai,my hometown, is hit the hardest ever in 100-years with heavy rain & flooding. My direct family is affected just like everyone else in the city.

I wish I was home helping out my folks and my neighbors….well, flight tickets are bought, just a matter of time before i get home.

In the meantime, I express my deep thoughts with watercolor on paper.


I thought I should paint water themed ones to use them for fundraising. The above one is motivated by the skyscrapers and rescue boats.


This one was motivated by a photograph i saw online. People crossing the over-bridge flooded with water.


No, there are no fall colors in South India. This above painting came from my trip to Lundy Canyon a few weeks ago for fall colors.


Size: 11in x 15in

Paper: Arches 140lbs coldpress

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