Bosque Del Apache Wilderness – NM

After White Sands National Monument, we drove to Bosque Del Apache Wilderness, in time for the sunset.

Early November to Mid-February, 1000s of birds find refuge at this wilderness. There are corn fields around the area where they spend the day time eating and come to the ponds to sleep overnight.


There are few different ponds in the loop and the birds can choose to go to any of these ponds. All the ponds are accessible by car.


As soon as the sun sets the birds come back to the water. Even though the flight deck is the most popular spot  to view the birds at  sunrise/sunset, the day we went, the birds chose to go somewhere else.


While driving on NM 1, before reaching the park, there are couple of ponds and the day we were there, most of the birds chose to stay at these ponds.

Knowing that information, next day morning was easy. We drove straight to those ponds to view them take off.


The nearest town to find a motel/stay is Socorro. It’s a 20-min drive from the park. Next day morning, we reached the park 45 mins before the sunrise for some of the spectacular colors.

With clouds hiding/unhiding the light, we saw some amazing sunrise colors I have ever seen.


As soon as the sun light hits the birds, they take off in batches. It’s amazing to see 1000s of birds take off. The sound of 1000s of birds flopping their wings is something to experience…