Slice of Heaven – Iceland

Reykjavik downtime seen from Esja


Icelandic Air flies non-stop from Boston to Keflavik. If you plan on renting a car from the airport, make sure the pick up location is Keflavik airport, not Reykjavik airport.

Stay : BB 44 guesthouse is about 35 mins drive from the airport in a town called Kopavugar. Great hospitality.


  • Past mid-night sunset and view from lighthouse.
  • Evening view of Reykjavik from mount Esja. Slippery but beautiful hike.
  • Drive to Þingvellir national park to see the geologic rift.
  • Gulfoss waterfall
  • Geysir
  • Glymur waterfall and hike up the mountain near it.
  • Drive up north on Route 1 just randomly with no specific destination in mind and taking in the beauty.
  • Reykjavik night life.

Duration : 3 days



Stay : Vik


  • Drive from Reykjavik to Seljalandsfoss and catch a bus at 10:45AM to Thorsmork. ( checkout the bus schedule.) and back to the seljalandsfoss parking lot the same day.
  • Drive to Vik for overnight stay

Duration: 1 day



Stay: Vik Hostel


  • Puffins watching
  • Black-sand Beach
  • More hiking around the neighborhood

Duration : 1 day

Skaftafell National Park :

Stay: Smyrlabjörg in Suðursveit


  • Drive from Vik to the park for day hikes
  • Glacier lagoon on the way
  •  Glacier hiking

Duration: 3 days



Long drive back to the same guest house just outside the capital.


  • Night life
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Fly back home

Duration: 2 days

Glacier Lagoon

Food: Icelandic food is very expensive at restaurants and not necessarily something that is not to be missed. I ended up buying grocery and cooking at the hostels everyday.

Money spent in total : $1700/person (I travelled with another person and shared hotel/hostel and car rental with).

Time of Travel : August 2009

If I did this trip again:

  • Take a tent with me and camp. There are campsites with full facilities close to pretty much all the attractions.
  • Use the money saved from hotel stay, and rent 4×4 to go on f-roads.
  • Of course, add extra days. But, that comes with a cost as Iceland is not really that cheap.