Frenetic City of Holiness – Siem Reap !!


It was deep into the month of December. Siem Reap was still screeching hot and humid !!

A backpackers’ paradise, the city offers One dollar accommodations and fifty-cent beers to cool off. If you want to enjoy these luxuries, stay at Garden Village Guesthouse.

You will never be alone at this hostel, just like every other backpacker hostel in South East Asia. In a matter of two hours, I made enough friends to share a tuk-tuk for two days of sight seeing in Angkor Wat and celebrate the New Year’s eve.


The temple complex is so-huge that I needed two full days to actually get enough of it. And the 2nd day, we had to line up way early say like 3:30 or 4PM for a sunset from the temple, which I personally didn’t think was worth it.

But, to see the reflection of the temple facade, on the pond in front of the temple, at sunrise time, is worth waking up at 4AM.

Pub street on this Holy town is for those of us travelers with money to spend. As a customary ritual, pay a visit to Angkor What?-Bar on the pub street and get yourself a t-shirt.


If you happen to be here for a New Year’s eve, don’t doubt the town’s ability to throw a great party. Watch the pub street turn into a open night club, filled with backpackers and tourists, and a DJ counting down on the main street.

A day trip to Phnom Kulen Waterfall,by moped, is a good hangover remedy.