Eastern Sierra lakes in a weekend

A weekend getaway to Eastern Sierras to visit lakes. Yes, it can be done in one weekend. We left at 5AM on Saturday and returned at 5PM on Sunday.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.39.29 PM

Any opportunity to drive through Tioga pass, don’t miss it. It’s just gorgeous with majestic mountains, meadows, valley, and lakes.


We drove to Mono county for fall colors this season. It was the last week of October and most of the peak season was done. Still, the fall foliage was breathtaking.

First stop: Convict Lake


Planned next stop was mammoth lakes. On the way we stopped at the Mammoth visitor center and learned that the leaves have all fallen for the season 🙁

In the interest of time we skipped these lakes and headed to June Lake loop.


We stopped at June Lake beach, Gull lake and Silver lake. Along the loop there were patches of beautiful colors to stop and take a picture.

After all the fall colors, sunset at Mono lake for some spectacular colors of the sky, if you can tolerate the wind/cold, would be an awesome way to end the day.


We decided to camp overnight at the near by RV campground. Apparently, last week of October when we were there, is the last weekend for closing campground, shops and motels in Lee vining. Places close down for winter.

It was a very strong windy day. But I was not worried about my tent, after all, it has weathered Patagonia winds.

Next day morning, we drove to Virginia Lakes area. On this windy day and being the last day before the roads closed, we were all alone in the area.


It was so windy that we briefly stopped for pictures. But made a note that we will come back to the area for wildflower season.


Next stop: Lundy Canyon

As expected the fall colors were almost over. But we had these lakes to ourselves, and nothing can beat that experience.


From the basin of lundy lake, we drove on the gravel/unpaved Lundy Canyon Road till the end of that road to reach Lundy canyon trail head.

After a very short hike that led to another lake, we drove back to Tioga pass as the road was planned to close at 4PM that day.


Stopped at Poole power plant road for some more fall colors and continued through Tioga pass back to bay area.

We intend to repeat this trip in March/April for wildflowers. Stay tuned for pictures.