North Peak at Mt. Diablo State Park, CA

Another backyard mountain worth exploring and get a great workout from some of the steepest trails in the bay area.

Mt-Diablo-State-Park-Map(Image source:

We drove to Regency Drive entrance to start the 11-mile hike to Mt. Olympia Peak, followed by North Peak. We started the hike at 8:50AM.

Address for GPS : 313 Mountaire Pkwy, Clayton, CA 94517


From trailhead gate, we took the Donner Canyon Trail till it ends after about 1.5 miles at Cardinet Oaks Road. This is a gradual climb till this point.

At the end of this road, the T-juction, took left to go on Cardinet Oaks Road, after a short dip, the hard climb started. After about 1.2 miles on Cardinet Oaks, the Olympia Trail marker appeared on the right. There is also a gate at this point. The Olympia trail is right in front of the gate.


After a good half mile climb, we hit another intersection. Stayed on the Olympia trail (right turn to stay on olympia trail) for more of the steep climb that will took us through some amazing views of the valley to the top of Mt. Olympia.


It was certainly a windy at the top. A jacket is helpful.

After breaking at Mt.Olypmia peak, came down the hill to follow North Peak trail to do more climbing that took us to up to North Peak. It was certainly a strenuous hike and a pair of hiking poles came in handy.

Another thing to remember is to take plenty of water. I took 3-liters in my bladder bag. There is no water source on this trail.


We reached the peak at 1:10PM and stopped for lunch. Coming back to the Regency gate has a few different ways, we took the shortest possible way out. Prospector’s Gap Road to Meridian Ridge Fire road. Turn right on to Meridian that leads to Donner Creek fire road that ends at Regency gate.

This way back is mostly downhill and that too steep ones. Walking criss-cross with hiking poles are advisable to avoid pressure on the knees.


After this butt-kicking workout, a nice Afgan meal at Zallas Afgan Restaurant in Concord, CA was a great way to end the long day.

Duration: 7.30hrs

Distance: 11 miles

Water: At least 2-litres per person

Snacks/food: Lunch sandwiches, bars and nuts