Road Trip to New Mexico

9 days, 10 parks, 2 cities, 3300-miles and 3 drivers.

Day 1: Sunnyvale to Joshua Tree National Park to Phoenix.

Day 2: Phoenix to Saguaro National Park to Lordsburg.

Day 3: Lordsburg to City of Rocks State Park to White sands National Monument.

Day 4: White sands National Monument to Bosque Del Apache Wilderness to Socorro.

Day 5: Socorro to Bosque Del Apache Wilderness to Very Large Array to Santa Fe.

Day 6: Santa Fe to Bandelier National Park to Grant.

Day 7: Grant to El Malpais National Monument to Petrified Forest National Park to Sedona.

Day 8: Sedona to Mojave Desert to Bakersfield.

Day 9: Bakersfiled to Madras Cafe at Sunnyvale to Home.

Trip Highlights:

  • Lack of knowledge about New Mexico and not much expectation, we were blown away by the beautiful parks and the nature.
  • Driving on Historic Route 66 dream was fulfilled.
  • Chasing the sun made the trip more thrilling than expected. We were targeting sunrise or sunset at most of the parks.
  • Even though we had taken our camping gear, we never camped ….. stayed at motels and Super 8 was the cheapest option we found in most places.
  • We started with a tentative itinerary and made changes on the go. Skipped Carlsbad in the interest of Bosque Del Apache and Petrified Forest National Park.
  • We had taken a small rice-cooker and tamarind rice mix (two packs). Lunch was the same tamarind rice with avacado and mango pickle for the 7 of the 9 days. Dinner, we either eat out or made salad.
  • Listened to Tamil, Telugu and Hindi 70s-80s songs throughout the trip….

Planning Tips:

If you ever plan to do the same or similar trip, here are the few points to keep in mind.

  • Take your passport, greencard photocopies with you. You may get stopped like we were in New Mexico.
  • If you travel in the winter, our trip was from Nov 21st to 29th, plan for cold weather. Layers, thick socks, gloves etc.,
  • We planned in such a way that we were at a park at lunch hours. So, we cooked rice in the morning at the motel, and mixed it with tamarind rice powder. Took plastic plates, spoons, cups, paper towels etc.,

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