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Colombian Andes – A day trip to Lake Guatavita

August 2012, I was traveling alone in Colombia. Now that i think about back, it was my last solo trip 🙂 

I fell so much in love with South America, and decided to take a 6-months off to travel in 2013, which led to fun life changes. 

Only a couple of hours away from the capital city of Bogota, Colombian Andes is a must visit to get a taste of the mountains. 

It was a slow/budget travel trip. That meant, staying at hostels, taking public transportation. I met a few people at hostel who were planning to do a day-trip to lake Guatavita. Having no set plans, I just tagged along with them. The four of us decided to take public bus from Portal Norte and negotiate a cab in Sesquilé to get to the town of Guatavita.

It is a really beautiful hike outside the city’s busy gold/emerald and whatever other trade that goes on 🙂 

There is a small entrance fee to hike up to the lake. 

As the story goes, there was a belief that there is a gold treasure under the lake, and the Spanish conquistadors tried to drain the lake to retrieve the treasure. 

For me the highlight was not necessarily the lake itself. The surrounding mountain scenery is simply stunning.

One day, I intend to take the family to Colombia and do some more hikes.