Yellowstone National Park, WY

Does anyone need an introduction to Yellowstone National Park at all ?!

Mammoth Hot Springs

The campground situation was not easy at the park, especially given the fact that we got there on a Friday evening. Everything was full. But, right outside the South entrance of the park, there are RV trailer parks and most of them have a few tent sites. We were able to get one like 5 minutes outside of the park for a $22/night.


The park is beautiful no doubts. But, a little too crowded for my style.

Lower Falls

Day one at the park, we were craving for a hike and preferably a not crowded one. We found the best hike for the purpose. The “Seven Mile Hole” hike, which is actually a 10-mile round trip. It is reasonably hard especially at the last 1.5 miles straight out in the sun light with drastic drop in altitude. This trail leads you down to the Yellowstone river with water access.


Took us about 6-hours to complete the hike in the middle of the day. If you go on this hike, carry at least 3-litres of water.


Before we headed out on this hike, we went to the Norris campground for the first-come-first-serve campsites. Luckily we got a site, where we decided to stay for two nights.


The following day, we decided to drive through the entire park, stopping at the vista points and taking pictures. We drove the entire width and breadth of the park with blasting bollywood music all the way through.


With too many visitors, I decided Yellowstone is not really my kind of park, although it is beautiful for sure.