Take Yoga to the streets – DC Yoga Week !!

Who said you need to go to a studio to practice yoga ?

And what about those blocks, the yogamat, the straps and fancy yoga clothes ?!

I grew up learning yoga and I had none of these. I mean, not even the yoga mat. I am not against the mat or other props. In fact, I use them all now that I am exposed to them.

The point is, none of them is required if you think about it.

Exactly what happened today. I went to DC Yoga Week at the National Mall, Washington D.C and I didn’t want to carry the mat around in the town as I planned to stay back for other events. So, I figured I will do it Indian-style.


Directly under sunlight, with no yoga mat and wearing not yoga tights but a regular pants/t-shirt, it was as close to home-yoga I was able to experience in a while.

The 2-hour community yoga was truly inspiring. Especially when the person next to you is a 2-month old baby.


There were 100s of people doing yoga and practicing being one with the nature …..


Oops…that’s a wrong picture. Or was he practicing Shavasana (Dead man’s pose).

The positive energy created by almost 500 (guesstimate) yogis was exceptional.  And there are meetup groups that practice weekend morning yoga at the mall. And all levels are welcome.


If you don’t want to follow the group, grab a partner and show off your skills at the Nation’s Capital.