Do you snore ?!


Do you snore ? Fine, you won’t admit. Well, I do. But, I guess I am not loud enough  to make a hostel roomie run away.

What happen in Toronto hostel: I stayed at one of the well known backpacker hostel in the downtown area. I stayed there for 4-nights in a 4-bed dorm room. Me and three other men from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It was fun to hang out with these guys. Since all three had come directly from Asia, they all were pretty jetlagged. So, it was convenient that we all slept early and woke up early.

4th night, one of them decided to leave for his next destination. And a new guys arrived. Again, an Asian guy. This time an Indian (yes, we are Asians too, duh !! ).

That’s when the nightmare started. He was so jetlagged from his 24-hour journey across the world. And he went to bed at around the same time as we all did.

With due respect to this gentleman, he snored through the roof. I mean literally.

I had a flight back to DC at 6:45AM next morning and I was looking forward to the 6-hour sleep I was in for. But, it didn’t happen. In fact, none of us slept. We listened to music, had loud music playing, talked, joked loudly laughing, and nothing bothered him. He kept snoring away.

Out of desperation, I tweeted @indinomads asking for ideas to handle the situation.

Answers flew in:

– A bucket of cold water

– Throw him out the window

– Call the management

– Wake him up and tell him to move to a private room or get a hotel room

We discussed all these strategies all night and got a good laughter out of it. But, we did none of these.

Basically, we suffered through the night. Eventually one after another fell asleep out of tiredness.

However, when I checked out in the morning, I left him a note explaining the situation and asked him to get a private room.

What do you do when you have an extremely loud snoring person in the same room ?