Flathead Lake, MT

We were heading out of Washington towards Montana, Glacier National Park. Since the drive was long, there had to be couple of breaks.

It was also decided between me and Chakri that we will not drive more than 3-5 hours a day. So, the first stop over was Coeur d’alene, Idaho. The city and lake are a well known name among Ironman enthusiasts.


The water was so clear and warm enough that we went for a open water swim in the area, where the Ironman race starts. May it is a sign? May be I need to train and attempt this race? But, I am certainly motivated after traveling for a month with an Ironman/Ultrarunner to get back to triathlon again.

Our next stop was Flathead Lake at Montana.


This pristine freshwater lake is the largest lake west of Mississippi River. Crystal clear blue lake, with beautiful green wooded islands and surroundings is a comfortable driving distance away from Glacier National Park.

Campsites around the lake area are abound. As usual no campsite was booked in advance. The first site we went to was full, just a 10-min drive away, another camp site along the river had a few sites open.


We camped next to a native American family. Seemed like I blended in at times.

The water was so inviting that we went for swimming both in the evening and the next day morning. Bit cold but once you take the first dip, the cold is the norm.


Sunset at the lake was breath-taking. It was one of the best sunsets we watched on this National Parks loops trip.


We were in the Polson city area. Besides swimming in the pristine lake, there are plenty of water sport, hiking, horse back riding opportunities available in the area.