Canyonlands National Park, UT

You can’t go to Moab, UT and skip Canyonlands National Park. The Green and Colorado rivers carve out sections that are unique in their landscape and geological formations.

Just an hour away from Arches National Park, Canyonlands will take your breath away with thousands of square miles of colorful canyons, mesas and buttes.

If you are just driving through the park or taking time to hike to get some of the best possible views, the feeling of being close to the skies is inevitable. There is certainly a magic to this park that makes one feel closer to the heavens.

On any given day, thunder storms and lightenings will greet you with a spectacular sky show. Just be ready with a camera to capture the moment if you can.

With plenty of campsites all throughout the park, plan your water resource wisely. Most sites don’t have drinking water readily available.

Trying to fit into those big shoes
The dryness !!
Mesa Arch
Upheavel dome overlook
Blending in
Lightening show