8 Stunning Reasons to visit Redwood National Park

== There are plenty of pretty lagoons on the way ==


== Trails are very well maintained. Sometimes there is simply nobody else in the trail and it gives the illusion that you own the forest. ==


== There are enough backcountry campsites, including the Flint Ridge, which is free. It is possible to get the permit on the day of arrival at one of the southern visitor centers. ==


== The temperature can be in upper 80s, the sun rays can try to get through the gaps between the trees. But, the fog doesn’t give up its ability to beautify and create a dreamy effect. ==


== The trees are sometimes 1000s of years old and over 300 ft in height, teaching one the patience, tenacity and respect for nature. ==


== The forest meets the ocean giving rise to dramatic scenery. ==


== The trails are out there for you to run them, hike them and bike them. ==


== When it’s time for the Sun to rest up, it leaves one with awe inspiring colors. ==