How to visit 44 countries in One Day ?! – Passport DC

Alrite, I lied. There is no way one can visit 44 countries in one day. Even if it was the Passport DC event that took place in Washington D.C on May 4th.

The event tents were set up at Dupont Circle and I was there at 9:30 AM to pickup my own copy of the fake $5 passport. The embassies opened at 10AM and there was a huge line in front of Australian embassy, where I started my day.

Australian embassy was giving away free samples of food, and wine. This is probably the earliest shot of wine I had ever tasted. But, helps with the patience one needs to get through the day,  as the lines in front almost all 44-embassies are SOOO long.

Australia is right around the corner

I got the stamp, watched the aboriginal musical instrument being played, tasted wine, and moved on to Kazakhstan.

I would say, Kazakhstan embassy was the highlight for me. The embassy was beautifully decorated with artifacts and a handsome guy at the door :P


Also they were giving away wall posters, full size books about the National Parks, guidebook, and maps. Oh, also the fried donuts at the entrance .

After collecting the goodies, I moved on to Peru. But, Peruvian embassy line was winding and snaking around to a couple of blocks and I decided to skip it.


Yet, Trinidad embassy that was right next to Peruvian was not that bad. And they were giving away spicy mango slices with a great party at the entrance with Trinidad drummers.

Roti with stuffing – Trinidad style

Then came Chile, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

Even though all 44 embassies were open from 10AM – 4PM, I was only able to make it to 7 embassies.

This shows to prove that Washington D.C is a great city to live in, for someone with non-American passport. Being on an Indian passport, requires me to get visa to almost 140 of 193 countries in the world. And Washington D.C has pretty much every embassy one can image at around the Dupont Circle area. I am loving the convenience.

Fake passport with fake visas