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Panther Beach – CA

Ever since I moved to California, Santa Cruz has been the most frequented place for all the fun reasons.


Weekend bike rides along Hwy 1, swim around the wharf, run along the ocean, even a surfing attempt….


I have always wanted to come back sometime for a leisurely trip and take pictures, do some sight-seeing.


It took two years before that dream came true. A friend and I decided to take our cameras for a photography trip to Panther Beach, located about 9-miles from Santa Cruz downtown area, along Hwy. 1


I am sure there has been even more colorful sunsets, but we were still lucky to have a sunset with nice cloud formations, given that it was raining in the morning.


Whats more appealing than hot chocolate and french pastry after getting drenched by tireless waves that almost got the camera couple of times ?!


Panther beach view is pretty cool from the top of the ridges too. Park the car near the railway track and just walk along the ridge to pick your favorite view point.