Death Valley National Park, CA

What comes to your mind when you think about Death Valley National Park ? HEAT !!!

It so happened I visited or more like drove through Death Valley in late July. Just driving through the park at 120 some degree was horrible.


We barely left the car as it was super hot. But, whats exciting was camping at the desert. Unlike other national parks we visited, where finding campsite was a bit of a struggle, Death Valley was wide open for us. I remember that ours was the only tent at the entire campground. Duh !

But, I must admit, the star gazing from the tent was one of the most beautiful experiences of the National Parks road trip.


While I was practicing my complaining speech of the day, this time about the weather, Chakri educated me on the Badwater Ultramarathon.

Words can’t describe the nature of the 135 miles race that starts at Badwater, the lowest point in the US, to about 9000ft of Mt.Whitney. And they run in the summer  during day time when the temperature can get to 130F.


After learning about the race and the torture humans want to put themselves through, I made a mental note to at least drive to the park to witness the race once. I want to see these souls who run, in person.


But for now, we will drive through the race course.


If you want to know what I am talking about check out the website below.