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Quebec City

A warm welcome at the city’s entrance – Montmorency Falls. Are you feeling up to a bike ride, then it’s only a 3-hour roundtrip ride from the city’s center at my snail-like speed. But, once back in the city center, walking works the best. Especially the old Quebec city is small and can be tackled in […]

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Old Montreal walking tour.

Weather is perfect. I am in for a great day in Montreal. Weekday Montreal seems very busy. Corporate crowds march in multiple directions, as I walk in search of the old Montreal that is about to take me back 300-400 years in time. I can only walk aimlessly in the old town, because every nook […]

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International Roma Day in Toronto !!

8th April, 1971: UN officially recognized the Roma community as a single ethnic group of people with a shared origin from North Western India (Rajasthan). I happened to be in Toronto on April 8th, 2013 and just googled to see what’s happening in the city that evening. With no pre-plan, I ended up spending the […]

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Sensitive Art of Toronto

Sharp Centre for Design : Interesting paintings and sculptors in Toronto. This center is part of Ontario College of Art & Design. Right behind the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is this college with some interesting paintings that speak for themselves. Enter the college and take the elevator up to 5 and 6th floor for public area […]

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