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Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

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From Nuwara Eliya, we took the public bus to Hatton and it took around 2-hours. From Hotton, another bus to a place called SiriPada. This is the base of the climb. Siripada is basically a couple of streets with tons of small restaurants, snacks, sweets shops and hotels to cater to the tourists.

The buses go around this gorgeous lake to reach Siripada Mountain aka Adam’s peak.


It is entirely possible to reach there and then find a place to stay. But, I booked a hotel the night before and didn’t really like it that much.

We reach Siripada around 5PM in the evening and checked in at the room, eat and slept. Basically there isn’t much to do here.



We woke up around 1:30, and started the hike around 2:30is AM. Had packed bread, jam, bananas, water and some chips for the hike. It’s basically a 2,243 m peak and 90% of the hike is climbing stairs. There are two temples at the top: Hindu (I believe its Murugan temple) and Buddha’s feet.

Lot of locals also hike up for the sake of pilgrimage.


There are lot of stores on the way up to the mountain and cost of getting food and drinks tends to go up as you climb up.

It took us exactly 3-hours at a snail pace to reach the top. I mean really snail pace. We thought it would be really cold up there, but that day was warm overall in the beginning of January and I loved the breeze all along the way. Do take layers as the weather can be unpredictable.


Once we reached the top, there were tons tourists waiting for the sunrise. There was barely any place to sit or stand.


So, we chose to walk a few steps and actually we got a much better view of the sunrise than those who stayed on the top. I ran down few more stairs for a clear view of the valley.


Eventually we started walking down and the downhill fun started. With plenty of stops to stretch and rest the knee, we got down in 2:30 hours.

After breakfast in the town, the journey towards Udawalawe National Park started.

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