17 Mile Drive on Pacific Grove, CA

Monterey is well known in the Bay area for one of the best available scuba diving spots. Well, there are no coral reefs like in Caribbean. But, to get certified it is the best possible in the region.


Early morning arrival for the sunrise was worth the drive. If you are not there for diving, the main attraction besides chilling on the beach (water is cold in the peak of the summer, beware !!), there is a really nice aquarium and plenty of quaint shops and restaurants to keep oneself occupied.


Pebble beach in the area is well known for the stunning waves and beauty.


17-miles goes along the ocean for a while before entering theĀ 5,300-acre Del Monte Forest of Monterey Cypress trees, which you can see in the distance from Cypress tree vista point.


Bleached trunks that are photogenic are found along the coast.


As you get off from the coastal side and drive through the Cypress forest, one tends to imagine living a life in one of those ranch style houses with spectacular views of the ocean and the forest.


There is entry fee for the drive.