Bay Area Ocean View Hikes – Miller-Knox Hills Loop

If you are fancying a Mediterranean ocean view but you can’t get to one of those countries within an hour of drive ? Considering climbing up the Crest trail, pretend close your eyes, imagine that you just travelled to Nice, France and open your eyes, and there it is, a picture perfect ocean view.

Location: Richmond, CA

Park Website:

Miller knox View

If you are a gardener in bay area, you probably already know that our weather is considered Mediterranean for growing purposes. And it is mostly true. So are some of the ocean views.

Miller knox View

You can do as little as .25 mile or a 3.5 miles that covers the entire hill in that area with several views.

Miller knox View

Must cover views:

  • West Ridge Views
  • East Vista point
  • Nicholl Nob hill top

Map to the park:

What more ?

Swim: You can swim at the Keller beach. I saw someone doing a long open water swim.

For Kids:

  • Play structures
  • Train track along the ocean
  • Pond
  • Tons of birds
  • Dogs allowed on the hike and the park

Parking Situation:

There is plenty of parking in the park. The hiking trails are on the opposite side of the road from the parking lot. You will see multiple entry points to the hiking trails and any one of them would get you on a good start to enjoy the spectacular views. Do carry a light jacket if you are sensitive to wind.

Entire family has something fun to do here. Absolutely worth checking out.