Yoho National Park, Canada

From Kootenay National Park, we drove through the town of Golden and Field into Yoho National Park. 

The route took us through rural Canada that we would have otherwise not seen.

Yoho is another national park that is well suited for backpacking trips than drive-to scenic spots. However there is a beautiful waterfall Takakkaw falls that you can drive to. With a very short walk this gorgeous waterfall is reachable.

We also went to Emerald lake and walked around the lake, 5km, flatish trail. Nice lake and walk but we could have avoided the walk around the lake and still have gotten the same views.

Next stop was Wapta Falls. If you are driving from the town of Field towards Wapta Falls, there is no sign board in that direction. So, we thought we missed it and drove to Golden again and had a nice sandwich and drove back to the park. 

This time driving into the park we saw the sign for Wapta Falls and did the 5K, flattish hike. Well worth the hike. 

We stayed at Monarch campground. This one doesn’t have any running water. However, they let us use Kickinghorse campground facilities. Kickinghorse is walkable from Monarch. 

Since it was a long weekend, it was way too crowded to secure a spot at Kickinghorse that has hot-showers. 

From this campsite, Lake Louise is only 20-mins away. If you ever don’t get a campsite near Lake Louise, try these two.

There is a whole another section of the park that we had to skip. The Lake O’Hara section. This needs to be pre-booked, months in advance to take bus to the region. They do leave 5-6 bus tickets open for day-permit. We were not lucky. Supposedly this area offers the best of Yoho. We had to save it for next time.