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Sequoia National Park, CA

It’s the week of Thanksgiving in the US. And a road trip was the plan. But there is absolutely no plan on where to go or what to do.

The week before the trip started, I came up with a tentative plan to do a couple of national parks in California that we always wanted to visit.

So, we loaded the car with camping gear and some left over food including Mango pickle.

Off to Sequoia National Park our first stop.


Last year at our National Park month-long road trip, we used to buy cherries from local formers for the road. Since its winter time, there is no cherry available, but we bought a lot of Pomegranate, cuties and grapes. So, food was never a problem. In fact, it was too much.


We reached the park by 2:30PM and stopped by the visitor center to get map, get info on best day hikes to do, trail condition, camping site availability.

It was a saturday before Thanksgiving, and the camp sites were available in plenty.

The campground we picked didn’t have a camp host. You have to pick a site, pay cash/write credit card detail on the cover with your site number. We were so relaxed about this trip that we didn’t even have cash on us. So, had to write the credit card number.

(Yes, next day early morning, the rangers come to check if everyone who has paid. So, don’t even bother thinking that they don’t check.)

The camp site was $22 per night.


After pitching the tent, we decided to hit the trail at around 3:30PM. That day sun sets was at 4:45PM. So, we had very little time for hike. We started on the Marble falls hike of 7.5 miles round trip.

But, in about 45 mins we turned around to make sure we reach the campsite before dark.

At night, it was freezing. So, if you go there in the winter make sure to bring layers.


Next day morning after a quick instand oatmeal breakfast, we decided to do the same Marble falls hike as the trail head started from the campground.

And the 7.5-mile round trip trail was so worth it. Gorgeous view of the water stream and valley.

Also, for that night we extended the stay at the same campsite by filling the form again. (That’s how unplanned things were, no ideas where we will sleep the next night).

After the hike, we just did the touristy things in the park. That included visiting the Giant Tree (largest by volume in the world).  Visit park website for more info:

We were there at the sunset time. And the color piercing through the trees was stunning. A different way to experience sunset.


Returned to the campsite for dinner (Rajot parathas) and a good night sleep. Next day morning, after breakfast, we stopped at visitor center to get some idea on Joshua Tree NP route and headed in that direction.