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Roadtrip : Hwy 395, CA

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It was April 1st week and we had 4-days to do a road trip. Given the good snow year, Hwy 395 was a no brainer.


Started Wednesday evening and drove 4 hours to Bakersfield to stay that night. Next day morning we drove another 4-hrs to Death Valley National Park.  It’s hour second trip to Death Valley this year and there is something about this park, that draws us to it.


After a full day at Death Valley, we drove Hwy 395 north in awe of snow peaks.

Alabama Hills, especially Movie drive road is a must visit. The dirt road offers some spectacular views of the Eastern Sierras.


After a short break at Bishop for lunch, we drove to Mammoth lakes.


Stayed overnight at Mammoth lakes area. And next day morning drove around June lake Loop. We did this loop in Fall 2015 as well.

After a stop at Mono Lake, drove via Bridgeport, Nevada to South Lake Tahoe.


It was the last day of skiing in Tahoe area and the resorts have closed down for season. Still there was plenty of snow on the mountains for road-trip sight seeing.


Fallen Leaf lake near Tahoe is another gem of a lake that one can drive to. We were able to drive up to Glen Alpine Falls in early April.


Further up, there was snow to drive to Lily Lake. So, we walked 0.6 mile(one way) to it on the snow.


Mountains look extra beautiful with snow on them, if you get a chance, do go in April-May before the snow melts.


Last stop was Emeralds Bay of Lake Tahoe.

Here is the itinerary:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.32.22 PM

Drove back to bay area by 7PM.

This road trip is ideal for those who don’t want to walk much, most of the sites are car accessible.


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