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Pinnacles National Park

== Just a couple of hours drive from Bay area, is the youngest National Park in the country as of 2015. ==


== The road to the park is equally as scenic as the park itself. ==


== There is a 10AM ranger led walk if you are interested in the formation of these rocks. It’s just a mile walk and informative. ==


== Reservoir still has water and it’s a great hike for picnic spot. It’s only a mile from the trail head and easy hike for little kids. ==


== We started on the Bear Gulch trail and did a 6.5mile loop. ==


== The trail no shades. So plan for a hot day. Plenty of water, shades, hat and sunscreen. ==


== This park was declared National Park for California Condors. Pinnacles National Park is a release site for these endangered birds. ==


== Bear Gulch caves and balconies are one of the main attractions in the park. Do carry a flash light or use cellphone lights. It does get really dark inside.  ==


== The park is also known for it’s rock climbing opportunities. ==