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Frenetic City of Holiness – Siem Reap !!

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was deep into the month of December. Siem Reap was still screeching hot and humid !! A backpackers’ paradise, the city offers One dollar accommodations and fifty-cent beers to cool off. If you want to enjoy these luxuries, stay at Garden Village Guesthouse. You will never be alone at this hostel, just like every other backpacker […]

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“Could you be loved” in Jamaica ?!

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m not in the resort section of Montego Bay. I am staying at a $25/night hostel on the main road that leads to downtown. Living like a local, unlike resorts, there are no concierge service, no pre-planned tours, no breakfast served and no Internet connection too. I prefer to travel like this as this forces […]

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Spain in Two weeks – Itinerary

Reading Time: 2 minutes I visited Spain the last two weeks of December. Although the beaches were out of scope and had to wear jacket in north, it is a great time to go, if you want to avoid tourists and manage the budget. It is certainly cheaper to travel in the winter. Madrid: One can easily spend a […]

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How did I prepare for Kilimanjaro ?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fitness:  Plenty of Cardio for at least 6-months. By the time I climbed the mountain, I was ready to run a full marathon. If running is not your thing, then biking and swimming are good. But, from my personal experience, swimming alone won’t cut it. I hiked almost every weekend at nearby trails. If you […]

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Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

Reading Time: 4 minutes Gusting winds, scree from the rim, 1285m (4215 ft) altitude gain, rapidly freezing water, mid-night  summit-day start, and loss of appetite due to mountain sickness – will strip you naked of attitude or  ego if you got any. And I have surrendered myself to her as she makes no allowance for mental weakness. There is […]

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Bangkok and Surroundings in 4 Days !

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fly into Bangkok and get visa on arrival. For Indian passport holders, they give 30-day stay on arrival. The line gets long, but the process is fairly straight forward. Only thing to keep in mind is, at the Bangkok airport, the money exchangers don’t take Indian Rupees for Baht. So, I used the US dollars […]

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Negambo, Sri Lanka

Reading Time: 1 minute Negambo beach is just outside the Colombo international Airport. Nice location to begin or finish the trip to Sri Lanka. I took train from Kandy to veyangoda and bus to Airport and another bus to Negambo. The train ride down the mountain (Kandy is about 400m above sea level) to plain was just spectacular. Even […]

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Sri Lanka for First-Timers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Don’t pass Sri Lanka for a small country (Island) that doesn’t offer much to do. Especially among South Indians, there is a perception that Sri Lanka is similar to Tamil Nadu or has resemblance to Kerala. Well, there is some truth to it. The country is not entirely different from South India but if you […]

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