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Preakness Maryland

Even though Chennai Race course is literally 20-mins from where my family lives, I have never bothered to stop by for a race. And it took me almost 13-years to look at my adopted home base (Washington D.C) from a traveler’s perspective and stop ignoring the potentials of my own backyard. From the day my […]

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Secluded Beach – Amelia Island, FL

Near Georgia and Florida border is a neat little island, Amelia. It is the southernmost barrier island on the Atlantic coast. It’s about 45 minutes north of the Jacksonville Beach and about 30 – mins from Jacksonville airport. The island is quiet and beaches are not very crowded and easy to find solitude along often […]

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Yogaville,VA – Retreat kinda weekend !!

About 150 miles south of Washington D.C is this ashram called Yogaville, started by Swami Sachidhanandha from India. The ashram is a 600 acres of serene, wooded landscape. The main attractions are the Kailash temple, Lotus temple, Swamiji’s tomb, and the awesomest vegetarian food along with plenty of yoga and meditation to sooth one’s soul. […]

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Mt.Washington, NH

The mountain will always be there, don’t kill yourself on this one Mt. Washington in the White Mountain National Forest area is known for winter sports. People hike up with their skis and snowboards to different trails for free of cost winter sports. Winter hiking with crampons and plastic boots are equally popular among mountaineers. […]

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Colonial Willamsburg, VA

About 2:30 hours drives from Northern Virginia is Colonial Willamsburg that used to be the Capital of Virginia before it was moved to Richmond. Just so I don’t make a joke out of myself with my lack of American history knowledge, I suggest you read the wiki page to get the historical importance of the […]

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