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Night time pictures from around the world !!

Haha…I knew that title would catch your attention.

If you are here looking for something sizzling, scroll down.

1) Chennai, India 

My hometown boasts the world’s second longest sandy beach. The 13 km stretch is adorned by slums, fishing villages, hiding-spot-for-thugs, secret-lovers-spots, University of Madras, Ladies colleges, State government offices, beautiful churches, temples, statues of political and historical leaders and the roasted-corn vendors (picture below).


2) Granada, Spain

View of The Alhambra seen from my hostel room.


3) Hoi An, Vietnam

Just a casual stroll down the historic part of Hoi An after 9PM. Every night, the tourism department showcases a free outdoor traditional dance show.


4) The Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

On a cold evening at the camp site. Me, myself and those around me, at peace with the nature.


5) Cologne, Germany

Cross the bridge from downtown to the outer part of the city to get this view.


6) Montego Bay, Jamaica

$1 fresh coconut water at night is a bargain. During the day time, the price goes up. No better way to keep one hydrated.


7) Cartegena, Colombia

Historic downtown populated with tourists at night.


8) Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kadhirkamam Murugan temple at night. After sunset is actually a perfect time to visit temples. That’s when most of the devotees make time for God in their lives.


9) Phuket, Thailand

Lovers making a statement.


10) Paris, France

Need I say anything ?!


11) Otavalo, Ecuador

Just happened to be there on the day of parade and Miss Otavalo contest !


12) Vientiane, Laos

Night market on the Mekong river banks.


13) Roatan, Honduras

The Island is mostly dead after sunset. Eating, drinking, and watching sunset are the only options available.


14) Reykjavik, Iceland

Picture taken at mid-night on a summer day.


15) Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Live performance of Hindu epic Mahabharath in Balinese style.