Mount Baker, WA – a non-climbing visit

Just driving to Mount Baker through Mt.Baker byway, winding along the North Fork of the Nooksack River, leading up to Artist Point, alone make you feel like you have transported to a new world.


During Winter months, motor traffic ends at Mt.Baker Ski area, which is 3-miles below Artist Point.


Climbing Mount Baker is considered one of the difficult technical climbs in the area. It is imperative to go with an outfitter or experienced Ice climber if you want to take on that challenge.

We are just visiting the mountain from the distance and doing small hikes in the area.


Drive along the Mt.Baker Scenic Byway takes you through lush forest and gravel roads. The drive itself is thrilling enough on a narrow forest road.


There are dramatic water falls plummeting over rocky outcrops on the way to the Hannegan Pass hike. We didn’t get very far on the hike, simply because every step of the way was so beautiful and picture worthy. We stopped, took pictures and just enjoyed the view.


Nooksack River and numerous creeks that flow through the forest give amazing view points for the mountain backdrop. This picture above was on the Hannegan’s pass trail.


Near Mount Baker is another mountain called Shuksan that provides stunning view Mt.Baker from the lookout area.Pack lunch and drive up to Shuksan lookout for lunch with view.

Planning Tips:

– You can easily spend a week or more hiking around the Heather Meadows, Forest or Ice climbing here.

– Camping availability is abound. Stay overnight if you can. There is enough scenery to keep one in AWE.

– Drive through the Mt.Baker Scenic Hwy if you don’t want to hike.

– Stop by Glacier Public Service Center on Mt.Baker Scenic Hwy to get current status on hiking trails. Everyday the situation changes due to weather, snow or animal activity. Find a visitor center or Ranger station before heading out on the trails to be safe.