Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Here is a throw back Thursday post from my previous life in D.C.

Well, it was July4th weekend in 2011 and had to do something besides the usual fireworks in the capital.


I didn’t see any other reason to drive 11-hours from D.C to Kentucky besides visiting the world’s longest cave system of 400-miles.

If you are in the area, a day trip may be sufficient in the park.


The park is so secluded and creepily-quiet if you are not used to it. For some of us that’s exactly whats needed to calm the mind.


The park offers a few different caving tours from easy-short ones to those that take you so deep inside the cave system.

This was my first time caving and it was not easy to say the least.


Most of the long & challenging cave tours get booked out well in advance. If you know you will be in Kentucky, plan ahead.


But, there is a pretty good 1.2-mile loop tour that runs everyday and available for walk-ins. This is what I ended up doing and it was insanely fun.

Besides, camping, kayaking and caving, I didn’t find anything else much interesting in the park. So, decided to drive to Nashville for the July 4th evening for some music and fireworks.


Nashville is pretty cool to spend a couple of days, especially if music history interests you.

Also, their fireworks on July 4th was comparable to D.C one in my opinion.


wow, its only been 5-years but it feels like this park visit happened in my previous life time…must be the California effect.