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Kings Canyon National Park, CA

A last minute Thanksgiving trip to Kings Canyon was a freezing fun. I took this as a preparation for the upcoming Alaska trip in late December. 

6 of us went on this camping/hiking trip to the park. In the winter, there is only one campground open near the Kings Canyon visitor center, I believe it is Grant grove. 

Day one, we got the map from the visitor center and did a short hike to the General Grant tree, the second largest tree on earth. And just wandered off in the nearby trails (no idea what the names are) until we were tired and traced our way back to the car    before sunset.

The night was windy and freezing.  Rest of the evening went in campfire, rehydrating dhal/rice and making pasta. 

Next day, after a relaxed morning of scrambled egg, bagels, hummus feast, we did a 7-8mile hike in the Hart-tree and Fallen Goliath loop. 

Evening ritual continued at the campsite, however weather was more tolerable with no-wind at all. 

3rd day at the park, there was a snow-storm in works. So, we decided to break the tent and pack up before the hike.

We did the Big Baldy hike of 5.5miles before the snow storm hit the park. We timed it so well that we got out of the park right in time.

Later heard from friends who visited the park that they were stuck for 7-8hours due to heavy snow. 

Due to the weather, we left a day earlier and continued the camping at home with fire-place, warm shower and home cooked dinner.

Short and sweet trip. Kings Canyon’s Rae lakes loop, a 4-5 days backpacking trip goes on our wish list. 

Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon can be easily combined in one trip and thats what most people do.

Have you been to either one of these parks ? What are your favorite hikes ?