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How did I prepare for Kilimanjaro ?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fitness:  Plenty of Cardio for at least 6-months. By the time I climbed the mountain, I was ready to run a full marathon. If running is not your thing, then biking and swimming are good. But, from my personal experience, swimming alone won’t cut it. I hiked almost every weekend at nearby trails. If you […]

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Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

Reading Time: 4 minutes Gusting winds, scree from the rim, 1285m (4215 ft) altitude gain, rapidly freezing water, mid-night  summit-day start, and loss of appetite due to mountain sickness – will strip you naked of attitude or  ego if you got any. And I have surrendered myself to her as she makes no allowance for mental weakness. There is […]

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