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Panther Beach – CA

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ever since I moved to California, Santa Cruz has been the most frequented place for all the fun reasons. Weekend bike rides along Hwy 1, swim around the wharf, run along the ocean, even a surfing attempt…. I have always wanted to come back sometime for a leisurely trip and take pictures, do some sight-seeing. […]

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City of Rocks State Park – NM

Reading Time: 2 minutes After Saguaro National Park, we drove to the state of enchantment, New Mexico, at night and stayed at the border town of Lordsburg. The plan was to start driving next day morning towards White Sands National Monument. While browsing through the google map, we noticed a few green areas. We knew about Gila National Monument, and […]

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North Peak at Mt. Diablo State Park, CA

Reading Time: 3 minutes Another backyard mountain worth exploring and get a great workout from some of the steepest trails in the bay area. (Image source: We drove to Regency Drive entrance to start the 11-mile hike to Mt. Olympia Peak, followed by North Peak. We started the hike at 8:50AM. Address for GPS : 313 Mountaire Pkwy, Clayton, […]

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Sweeney Ridge and Mori Point loop – San Bruno, CA

Reading Time: 3 minutes Starting Point: Total Distance 11-miles Skyline College, parking lot B. Hike towards Sweeney Ridge trail for a mile. And right on to Mori Point trail for 1.8-miles. This 1.8-miles of downhill ends at the Orchid Garden. From here, take the paved road that leads to Hwy 1. Cross the road, carefully, to the entrance of Mori […]

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Gooseneck State Park, UT

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gooseneck State Park might lose a lot of press to other river-cut formations in the US, such as Grand Canyon, but this off the beaten path geological formation will make you awe at nature’s power. San Juan river snakes around this 300-million year old formation 1000-feet below. Watch the sunrise or sunset and camp at […]

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Old Rag Mountain,VA

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring in DC metro is one hell of a fun. Shenandoah National Park offers great variety of hiking trails for almost any fitness level. After injuring my back last fall, it’s been quite a struggle to manage pain and still keep in shape. I hope all the diligent yoga, swimming and physical therapy pay off […]

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Billy Goat Trails, VA

Reading Time: 2 minutes It is almost hard to believe there are some beautiful trails within reach from Washington D.C. Even, if you are visiting the city only for a few days, Great Falls is a wonderful escape from D.C’s “architecture/historic” tours. One can access Great Falls National Park either from Virginia or Maryland side. But, if you looking […]

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