How to start a blog? Pick your blog topic.

How to Start a blog

  This is part one of the series of posts that are coming up over the next couple of weeks, on how to start a blog. This series intended to help newbies to get comfortable with the idea of blogging. I will cover topics ranging from why blog, what to blog about and how to …

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Backpacking food – Bread options

I have been experimenting with bread alternatives on long backpacking and camping trips to add variety to the food options. Here are my favorite choices so far. Matzo (Matzah) bread : So what is Matzo bread ? (If you already don’t know) : Known as “Food of Faith”, this unleavened bread is eaten during the …

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Day Trip From Bogota – Lake Guatavita

A must do day trip from Bogota, lake Guatavita in Colombian Andes is only an approximately 2 hours away from Bogota.  August 2012, I was traveling alone in Colombia my last solo trip.  Laguna de Guatavita – As the story goes, there was a belief that there is a gold treasure under the lake, and …

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