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Road Trip to New Mexico

Reading Time: 2 minutes 9 days, 10 parks, 2 cities, 3300-miles and 3 drivers. Day 1: Sunnyvale to Joshua Tree National Park to Phoenix. Day 2: Phoenix to Saguaro National Park to Lordsburg. Day 3: Lordsburg to City of Rocks State Park to White sands National Monument. Day 4: White sands National Monument to Bosque Del Apache Wilderness to Socorro. Day 5: Socorro to Bosque Del […]

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El Malpais National Monument – NM

Reading Time: 2 minutes After spending the day at Bandelier National Monument, we drove in the direction of Arizona. After sunset we decided to stay at Grant, NM for that night. It was the thanksgiving day and there was absolutely no restaurant open in that town. But we had a backup plan. Checkout the dehydrated food section for more details. […]

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Bandelier National Monument – NM

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ater VLA, we drove straight to Santa Fe and stayed there overnight. Didn’t get much time to explore the town besides walking around to get a place to eat. Next day morning, the day of Thanksgiving, we drove to Bandelier National Monument. And the park visitor center was open. The cave dwelling walking loop, 1.2 […]

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Very Large Array – NM

Reading Time: 1 minute After the gorgeous sunrise with 1000s of birds at Bosque Del Apache Wilderness, we drove to Very Large Array of antennas, about 50 miles from Socorro. The radio astronomy observatory details: I can’t write anything intelligent about this place, so figured i will let you read the official website and I will just post pictures from […]

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Bosque Del Apache Wilderness – NM

Reading Time: 2 minutes After White Sands National Monument, we drove to Bosque Del Apache Wilderness, in time for the sunset. Early November to Mid-February, 1000s of birds find refuge at this wilderness. There are corn fields around the area where they spend the day time eating and come to the ponds to sleep overnight. There are few different ponds […]

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White Sands National Monument – NM

Reading Time: 3 minutes Next destination on our “Road Trip Thanksgiving 2015” was White Sands National Monument. The same day morning, we had spent time exploring the City of Rocks State Park. These dunes of gypsum sands is another one of magic hour paradises. Getting there for sunset to see the line up of colors like an artist’s palette is truly […]

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City of Rocks State Park – NM

Reading Time: 2 minutes After Saguaro National Park, we drove to the state of enchantment, New Mexico, at night and stayed at the border town of Lordsburg. The plan was to start driving next day morning towards White Sands National Monument. While browsing through the google map, we noticed a few green areas. We knew about Gila National Monument, and […]

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