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How do I manage job and travel ?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Isn’t life all about choices ?!     I take unpaid time offs: Corporate jobs in the US usually offer a 2-4 weeks of paid vacation per year.  Even though, I had the 4-week vacation for a decade, it was never enough. So, I took many months of unpaid time off.  I wouldn’t be surprised […]

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Altitude Sickness Lessons !!

Reading Time: 5 minutes After having spent nearly a couple of months at higher altitude, we collectively seem to have experienced pretty much every symptom of altitude sickness, only the mild versions thankfully. Here is a summary of the lessons learned: 1) Drink water forcefully: Dehydration is the major cause of headache at higher altitude. People tend to think […]

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Do you snore ?!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you snore ? Fine, you won’t admit. Well, I do. But, I guess I am not loud enough  to make a hostel roomie run away. What happen in Toronto hostel: I stayed at one of the well known backpacker hostel in the downtown area. I stayed there for 4-nights in a 4-bed dorm room. […]

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How did I prepare for Kilimanjaro ?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fitness:  Plenty of Cardio for at least 6-months. By the time I climbed the mountain, I was ready to run a full marathon. If running is not your thing, then biking and swimming are good. But, from my personal experience, swimming alone won’t cut it. I hiked almost every weekend at nearby trails. If you […]

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