Comprehensive Guide to Torres Del Paine W Trek

Torres Del Paine

Torres Del Paine W Trek  is probably one of the most popular hiking route in Chilean side of Patagonia, for obvious reasons. It’s mind-blowing to say the least and very manageable for most hikers including kids. Perhaps, its better to be bit slower to enjoy the beauty as opposed to rushing through. If  you are …

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Patagonia Packing List For Trekking And Camping

Patagonia Packing List

Patagonia packing list for Trekking and Camping is from our personal experience in Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile, doing the O circuit and W Trek, independently without a tour guide and self catering. However, the list can also be used for rest of the Patagonia. Don’t take “packing-light” easily. Try to reduce the weight …

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Altitude Sickness Lessons !!

After having spent nearly a couple of months at higher altitude, we collectively seem to have experienced pretty much every symptom of altitude sickness, only the mild versions thankfully. Here is a summary of the lessons learned: 1) Drink water forcefully: Dehydration is the major cause of headache at higher altitude. People tend to think …

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Annapurna – 10 Memories of Deep Himalayan Nepal

Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp : A place I had dreamed about almost 5-years ago. A truly unique experience that filled me with a sense of accomplishment with true test to my ability and limit. I only returned with more passion and love for life on this heavenly place called earth !!! 1) Treacherous …

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How did I prepare for Kilimanjaro ?

Fitness:  Plenty of Cardio for at least 6-months. By the time I climbed the mountain, I was ready to run a full marathon. If running is not your thing, then biking and swimming are good. But, from my personal experience, swimming alone won’t cut it. I hiked almost every weekend at nearby trails. If you …

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