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Baby’s first trip – Big Sur, CA

It was Christmas holiday and we had been home bound for more than 3-months since the last trip to Columbia River Gorge

In between the little guy showed up in style !! He knew his parents have itchy-feet and recovery has to be quick. Few weeks after his birth, we were ready to hit the road. 

We needed a destination slightly warmer than bay-area, hotel-stay (no camping this time), and a over-night stay to see how little Sid would react.

Big sur fit the needs. I have actually never been to Big sur besides the big sur 21-miler, part of the marathon event, that i ran twice. 

One thing we knew was not to have a hectic plan. And having a low expectation turned out to be the right way to enjoy the trip. 

With baby feeding every 2-3 hours, I was royally sleep deprived. Even a 1-mile hike felt like a 10-miler. 

Not knowing how things would turn out, we drove along Hwy 1 and made the first stop at “Carmel by the sea” for a stroll along the beach and lunch. 

It was refreshing to be out of the house and take in the ocean breeze. We drove further along Hwy 1 and stopped at Garrapata state park for a short hike.

Sid’s first hike !!!

There is no agenda needed to drive along Hwy 1. You stop as you please and just take in the beauty. 

That night stay was at Fernwood Resort. There are such resorts along the route and most of them even have camping option. We made a mental note to come back for camping sometime in the summer. 

Next day, we stopped at Mcway waterfall that I had always wanted to see. I didn’t realize its only a short walk from the parking lot. Not complaining given the physical condition. It was a perfect afternoon weather wise, but what’s all these people doing out on the Christmas day ?!

After staring at the ocean colors for a  good amount of time, drove down as south as possible as Hwy 1 was closed at some point. 

Last stop was at Limeklin state park. There is a waterfall at the park and its a really nice/short hike into the jungle to get to the waterfall. 

People camp at this park, but there is no running water. You have to pack your own cans of drinking water for camping.

Over all, the trip was a success. Baby was fine on the drives, in fact he happily slept through.