Alamere Falls, Pointe Reyes National Seashore, CA

Trailhead parking lot :

An approximately 10-mile round trip to the waterfall pouring into the ocean, this hike started off with a nice shaded section of eucalyptus trees. 

There was a Highway 1 closure due to road conditions and we took a long detour via Muir woods to reach the trailhead. But, the drive is beautiful and worth the effort to get there.

We reached the trailhead around 10AM and it was already scorching and sweaty. So, plan to take a good 2-3 liters of water. 

The hike is pretty gradual and fairly easy. Supposedly there is an access point to Bass lake along the trail that we missed. 

From what I hear, if you reach the lake, swimming is allowed. There seemed to be one access but that required bushwhacking to get to the lake. Due to the fear of poison oak/ivy, we chose not to do that part.

The trail takes a sharp left towards the beach and there is no trail marking to indicate the way. But, there were lot of people in and out, to get guidance. However, if you missed the turn and you see a lot people towards the beach, trace back and look for the trail again.

It was covered with greens but there was clearly a trail as we got inside the bushes.

We broke for lunch with ocean view. From this point, its totally up to you whether you want to go down to the beach or not. There are a couple of slightly a dangerous and very steep sections to go down to reach the beach.

But, its absolutely worth it. Do butt slides, if you have to. 

And I can guarantee that you are not the only crazy one to do this section, there was traffic jam when we went and everyone helps each other.

Only the downhill felt harder. Going back up was just a matter of climbing small hilly sections. We finished the hike in 5-hours with plenty of break.


  • Take plenty of water and lunch
  • Watch out for poison oak (google and learn to identify them)
  • Hiking pole is helpful 
  • Kids friendly 
  • Approximately 1000 ft elevation change