$0.00 Restaurant Bill – The Karma Kitchen

When was the last time you received a restaurant bill for $0.00 ? And every time you go to Karma kitchen for a lunch every last Sunday in DC/Bethesda/San Francisco/Chicago, you will literally get a check for ZERO dollars.


The concept is based on “gift economy” and giving. You may pay or NOT. Yes, you can actually walk out without paying a penny.

But, why would someone not pay for a meal served by volunteers in your community made with love ?

The food is simple, vegetarian and mostly Indian. Unlike restaurant/buffet Indian food that is heavy in calories with too much masala, the Karma Kitchen food resembles more of a home-cooked, comfort food.


You can get a serving of everything in the menu. And unlimited quantity too.

The plate full of goodness with as many refills as your stomach needs.


Chai and Mago Lassi for beverage.


The idea is “paying forward”. It can mean someone who came before you has paid for you. Or you pay for your next meal or the next person.

Or you do a volunteer work with some outside organization by paying off the karma of free food or you work at Karma Kitchen as a waiter/waitress and pay off the karma.

I just love the concept. Check out their website for a location/date close to you. http://www.karmakitchen.org/index.php?pg=about

And perform some good Karma in the process, we all need that !!!

If you are not convinced on the “gift economy”, I strongly encourage you to watch the following TED talk.